Star Battles

How to Play Star Battles?

Start off by selecting your chosen language \ region. Once you’ve chosen your language, you get to play the game. The goal is to orbit your planet while crossing into the orbit of enemies in orbit around another planet. Speed up or slow down to avoid colliding. When you start, you’ll have a basic, tiny ship with one lift, but every loop around the planet you make will net you one coin. You can use these coins (which also come as daily play bonuses) to unlock new ships with more lives, higher top speeds, and better braking. The most expensive ship costs 3,000 coins, so you have some work to do if you want the best.


Up Arrow – accelerate
Down arrow – brake

How to Unlock New Ships in Star Battles

The only way to unlock new ships in Star Battles unblocked is to keep playing the game. Every loop gives you a coin and each day you’ll get a coin bonus. Use these coins to unlock new ships. Just click on the “Hangar” button from he main screen and scroll through the ships. Can you earn enough coins to unlock the biggest and baddest ship?

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