Space Blaze 2


Do you remember the arcade days or the greatest arcade game ever made? I’m talking about, of course, Galaga. Well, if you’re not familiar, Space Blaze 2 will get you in the know with its awesome shoot-em up space combat and difficult levels. The goal of Space Blaze 2 unblocked is simple: get the highest score possible without dying. Pick up upgrades as you progress through each level and do your best to beat the boss. Most importantly, have fun!

How to Play Space Blaze 2 Unblocked?

Space Blaze 2 unblocked has the easiest controls of any game ever made. All you have to do is control your ship and pick up starts and upgrades as you take out your enemies. Control your shift with your mouse, the left and right arrow keys, or by using your finger if you’re playing on a phone or tablet. Avoid getting hit by enemy fire and make the most out of every upgrade you pick up – they only last for a few seconds. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock cooler ships with more firepower, so keep fighting and go for that high score!


  • Move Left: Left Arrow key \ move mouse or finger left
  • Move right: right arrow key \ move mouse or finger right
  • shooting is automatic
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