• It’s Coming! Kawasaki ZX-4R With Four-Cylinder Screamer Engine On It’s Way!

It seems as if the rumours were accurate

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After a year or more of rumours, the strongest rumour yet has come to light regarding a new inline four-cylinder engined Kawasaki ZX-4R. According to Japanese publication Young magazine, its launch is imminent.

Kawasaki ZX-4R Is The Baby Superbike of your dreams

It's Coming! Kawasaki ZX-4R With Four-Cylinder Screamer Engine On It's Way!
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Kawasaki ZX-4R On The Way?
Japanese publication Young Magazine is normally very accurate in its reporting of new models, features a new Kawasaki ZX-4R on its cover. That means it’s coming, and soon.

Some bikes are the subject of rumours for so long that you tend to disregard them after a while and say, well, if it comes, it comes. The Kawasaki ZX-4R is one such bike but now, according to Japanese publication Young Magazine, which is normally pretty accurate on these matters, the bike is on its way if a render of the bike on the cover of its latest issue is to be believed.

Kawasaki already makes the ZX-25R for the Asian market, powered by a jewel-like, high-revving 250cc inline four, but it can’t be brought to Europe or America due to emissions laws.

It's Coming! Kawasaki ZX-4R With Four-Cylinder Screamer Engine On It's Way!
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The Latest In a Long Line of Rumours
The model has been rumoured for at least a year and many renders have appeared, including this one from Motorcycle News.

With that in mind, it seems likely that the 400cc inline four will be a new design, unless the increase in capacity is to offset the emission-friendly tuning necessary to make the 250 legal in Europe and America. The 400cc model was mentioned in patent documents last year but this is the first view we have had of a finished product, although there is no telling how accurate the render is or what it is based on. The cover feature also suggests that a world launch is imminent.

It is expected the ZX-4R will bear a strong family resemblance to the ZX-10R, especially around the nose, headlight and air intake. Also, we can expect a full suite of electronic rider aids, such as different riding modes, traction control and ABS. Of course, it has to come in Kawasaki green!

It's Coming! Kawasaki ZX-4R With Four-Cylinder Screamer Engine On It's Way!
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400cc Screamer
Engine should produce upwards of 75bhp with an exhaust note to match. Likely to resemble ZX-10R

Power and torque? No word on that, but if the ZX-25R makes 50bhp, is it unreasonable to expect the 400cc version to make 75bhp? Or more? That would put it head to head with the Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS660, both of which have parallel twin engines, of course. Kawasaki would be bringing something new to the table.

Kawasaki already has a 400cc parallel twin in the range, as found in the Ninja 400. That’s a great bike but a 400cc inline four engine is something to get the blood racing. Imagine the scream from the exhaust as it revs up to 16,000rpm (if that is the limit of course).

We can only wait with baited breath. Just hope the wait isn’t too long.

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