• Honda’s First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders

The CRF-E2 aims to be an eco-friendly alternative to the popular CRF50F dirt bike

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If you’re a motorcycle rider, there’s a high chance you’d want your kid to follow the same path and there’s no better way today than doing it in an eco-friendly way.

Meet the Honda CRF-E2 electric motocross bike which does exactly this.

Catered towards young motocross enthusiasts, this is a result of Honda’s partnership with Greenger Powersports who is responsible for the design, distribution, and manufacturing of the CRF-E2. Yet, the bike remains an official licensed Honda product, so no need to fret about quality and reliability. Let’s take a closer look.

Honda CRF-E2 Electric Bike

Honda's First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders
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Consequently, it bears a rugged, no-nonsense design featuring spoke wheels, high-set mudguards, and a flat seat

The Honda CRF-E2 is the first-ever electric motorcycle to bear the ‘CRF’ moniker, which has birthed many popular motocross motorcycles to date.

Now, the CRF E2 isn’t a full-sized motorcycle and is marketed as a noise-free, eco-friendly alternative to the 50cc Honda CRF50F, mainly catering to young off-road enthusiasts. It might not be targeted at full-sized adults, but can be a fun mini-bike for teenagers who weigh under 50kg. For anyone weighing more, you’ll just have to wait for the full-size electric Honda CRF, which seems almost certain after the CRF-E2.

Honda's First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders
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The motorcycle is out together by Greenger Powersports and caters to the young audience looking to get into motocross

The bike bears a rugged, bare-bones design as you’d expect from a motocrosser and rides on 12-inch spoke wheels with knobby tires. Even though it’s a mini-bike, the CRF E2 boasts an impressive 7.8-inch ground clearance, almost on par with full-sized ADVs.

Complementing its rugged design is a capable suspension setup comprising 33mm telescopic forks and a mono-shock offering 3.9 and 8.3-inch travel, respectively.

Honda's First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders
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Underneath the bodywork lies a 1.2kW motor which draws electricity from a swappable 960Wh battery pack

At the heart of it all lies a 2.5kW (peak) electric motor offering 18.4 pound-feet of peak torque. This is coupled to a swappable 960Wh Li-ion battery which can be fully charged in 4 hours with the standard charger and 2.5 hours with a fast charger. Honda hasn’t provided the range, though, and claims the battery can keep going for 2 hours in ideal conditions. At what speed and temperature remain a mystery for now.

Honda's First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders
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In the name of features, the bike only gets a small but neatly integrated LCD showing all basic information

Being a motocross bike, there aren’t many features to discuss here. However, you do get a small LCD near the tapered handlebar which gives you basic details like speed, distance, and ride mode.

For what it’s worth, the Honda CRF-E2 seems like a perfect go-to electric motorcycle for enthusiast parents who want their children to follow the same passion.

Honda CRF-E2 Price

Honda's First-Ever All-Electric Motocross Bike To Entice Young Riders
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Do you like the package? Well, it even comes at a delectable price tag which you can check by swiping up.

Greenger Powersports has priced the Honda CRF-E2 at $2,950 (excluding handling and freight charges). This makes it $1,300 more expensive than the petrol-powered CRF50F. However, the CRF-E2 is the more future-proof, eco-friendly, and easy-on-the-pocket (lower running costs) product.

Honda CRF-E2 Specifications
Power 1.2kW
Torque 18.4 lb-ft (peak)
Battery 960Wh (swappable)
Charging time 4 hours/ 2.5 hours with fast charger
Front suspension 33mm telescopic fork (3.9 inch travel)
Rear suspension Monoshock (8.3 inch travel)
Weight 48kg
Max load 45kg
Tires 12-inch spoke wheels (F/R)
Ground clearance 7.8 inches
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