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Bob Maddox’s Jet Engined Go-Kart Is All Kinds Of Crazy

Watch as the exhaust glows orange in real-time on a short two-minute dash across the desert

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This is Bob Maddox aka Rocketman, who recently took his jet-engined go-kart dubbed the ’Beast’ for a test drive out in the desert.

Growing up in the 60s Bob was fascinated with rockets. I mean, it was the jet age after all and the space race was on at the time. He also grew fond of jets fighters that flew close to his homes in Phoenix and Oregon. This rocket-bug bit the man early in life, and by age 10, Bob was building rocket-powered balsa wood airplanes that had Jetex rocket motors. By age 17, he began to focus his attention on building pulse-jet engines. The man is now known for creating some of the most outrageous jet-powered machines in the world.

The Beast

Bob Maddox's Jet Engined Go-Kart Is All Kinds Of Crazy
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There’s not much else apart from a racing seat, pedals and steering mechanism and tiny little wheels to put all that power down

Go-karts have their place in the whole universe of automobiles. They can be immensely fun toys, and believe it or not, most Grand Prix drivers owe to these little monsters for helping them hone their skills. While most of them have a modest engine of a couple of 100cc, the Rocketman had other ideas.

Bob Maddox is called the Rocketman for a reason. He's got some pretty insane builds on his channel, including a jet-powered boat, jet-powered bike. Heck, he even built a jet-powered skateboard.

Fast forward to today and his latest creation sees plonking a pulse-jet engine onto what can only be best described as a go-kart. You’ve got a small custom-built frame, which houses a chair and a small steering wheel and pedals.

Aptly dubbed the beast features a triple valveless pulsejet engine that runs on a mix of propane and diesel. It produces 110 pounds of thrust and can top out at 90mph. All that power is put to the ground with some truly tiny wheels.

Lets Open Up Those Taps

Bob Maddox's Jet Engined Go-Kart Is All Kinds Of Crazy
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The man can be credited with putting together some insane jet-powered machines including a jet-powered car, a jet-powered bike. Heck, the man even made a jet-powered skate board

This thing was obviously put together for fun and there’s no other way of finding out what it can truly do unless you take it for a test drive. Well, that’s exactly what Bob did. He trailered it out onto some salt flats where he can really let the beast loose.

Bob Maddox's Jet Engined Go-Kart Is All Kinds Of Crazy
- image 1062660
The exhaust units turns red-hot withing seconds of firing it up
The man clearly was having a blast and it was all over in just over a minute. All this at just half throttle, I wonder what the beast can do if you give it some real stick.

With that, he takes a seat and fires up that pulse jet. And with a burst of flames, it comes to life. Bob steadily began to push the gas pedal. As he did so, the exhaust began to gradually turn orange and it certainly made for a dramatic scene, similar to what you see on a fighter jet when the and its afterburners at full chat.

You can watch Maddox’s insane creation in action in the video below

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